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Stellar and Stellar 21

"Challenging and supporting students to reach their full potential"

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The Miami High Academic Excellence Programs cater for students who are passionate about learning.   Stellar Academic excellence is offered to those students who excel academically in the four core subjects of English, Humanities, Maths and Science.  Stellar 21 Academic Excellence is offered to those students who have a desire to extend their STEM capabilities focusing on Maths, Science, Digital Technologies and Design Technology.

Both programs strive to develop a global mindset in our students whilst developing compassion and empathy, promoting respect within our school, the community and beyond.  

Students are inspired to reach their highest academic potential through an innovative curriculum that encourages them to become effective global citizens, innovators and leaders of their chosen field. 

The incorporation of Higher Order Thinking skills to deepen knowledge, enable inquiry, innovation and creativity allows students to become reflective thinkers, problem solvers and confident, effective communicators and leaders. 

Purpose of the programs

  • To offer challenging academic programs for students in order to extend their learning.

  • To provide more focus on deep learning. This includes providing work that targets the students' critical and creative thinking skills, their problem solving skills and their inquiry skills.

  • To build a learning culture wherein like-minded students learn from and challenge each other.

Course Structures

The Stellar and Stellar 21 Academic Excellence Programs are structured to maximise student's interaction with the curriculum and challenge even the brightest minds.  From years 7 – 9, students remain together for the 4 core subjects of Maths, English, Science and Humanities in the Stellar Program and Math Science, Design Technology and Digital Technology in the Stellar 21 Program.

Students engage in the Australian Curriculum at a faster pace with extension and enrichment opportunities to deepen their understanding. Throughout the Senior School students are given the opportunity to be accelerated in their learning and also provided with the opportunity to complete University courses.

Established partnerships with outside agencies have led to the development of a rigorous curriculum that enriches and extends students thinking. Passionate teachers deliver exciting, engaging and authentic experiences that challenge students to use 21st Century learning skills and provide enrichment within the curriculum including incursions, excursions and external testing and competitions. 

Students in the programs are encouraged to be involved in opportunities outside of the normal school program such as Tournament of the Minds, STEM Club and the Language speaking competition.

To be considered for entry into Stellar and Stellar 21 Academic Excellence Programs, students need to have demonstrated high levels of performance in Primary School and in external national testing (NAPLAN).  In addition, students will need to submit a written application and sit for an entrance exam made up of four sub strands:

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Writing

  • Numeracy

  • General Ability (thinking skills)


An annual fee in addition to the school resource scheme fee is payable before a student commences in an Excellence Program and each subsequent year that the student is a part of a program. 

Stellar and Stellar 21 Academic Excellence: $170 per semester


Last reviewed 25 February 2022
Last updated 25 February 2022